What I Wore In Antarctica - Extreme Cold Weather Clothing

If You Visit Antarctica, Bring Extreme Cold Weather Gear (Like I did)
By Guy Porter
Miami Florida

Consider that in Antarctica the highest temperature ever was 63.5 F, recorded in late March of 2015. And, this was out on the peninsula, at the Esperanza Base. This is the South Pole people!

So, what did I wear when I traveled to Antarctica? I'm getting that together now, so come back soon to find out!

In the meantime, you may want to know how to visit Antarctica...

How to Visit Antarctica 

There are a number of expeditions that take travelers to Antarctica, here's a list of the top guides:

  • poseidonexpeditions.com 
  • www.eclipsetravel.com
  • www.polarcruises.com (Antarctic cruise) 
  • www.jonathanadventuresailing.com (Antarctic sailing)
Wikihow outlines three ways to travel to to Antarctica here.